Objectives of ICTAU

1. Develop a compelling Brand Proposition for Uganda’s ICT Sector

  • Support the development of an ICT technology HUB/Park in Uganda for Uganda.
  • Encourage and nurture the creation and development of lead technology for development software and mobile applications

2. To develop and promote a competitive ICT Industry in Uganda
3. To develop world class Ugandan ICT institutions through professionalism

  • Establish and Position the ICT Association as a global innovator 
  • Become the principle partner in governance and the implementation of E-Systems initiatives
  • Accelerate the development of ICT skills in “Secondary” and tertiary institutions
  • Develop and implement a formal partnership with the stakeholders in ICT sector

4. To develop launch and drive a National System of innovation in the country
5. To increase ICT access, and adoption for all Ugandans (become a principle driver in bridging the digital divide)