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ITEM Bronze
Ugx. 500,000/year
Ugx. 3,500,000/year
Ugx. 5,000,000/year
Ugx. 10,000,000/year
Access to the FITSPA Newsletter
Provide information on regulatory matters
Access to Fintech member meetups and exhibitions
Display company logo on FITSPA website
Member voting Rights
Access to Fitspa opportunities
Linkage meetups with venture capitalists & angel investors
Appearance on website and select FITSPA branded material
Access to local and international Fintech opportunities
Host member fun/social Friday
Free entry to all FITSPA organized events
A Fintech distribution channel; connecting members to clients
A Fintech reference epicenter linking to member validation services
Foster member interconnectedness spurring innovation in the Fintech sector
A link to members providing solutions for in-house technology problems
Feature in the FITSPA end of year newsletter
Introduction to other Fintech communities in Africa
Work jointly with members to train and nurture existing and potential Fintech talent
Company logo on all FITSPA activities
Joint event hosting
Jointly work on research studies and surveys
Work with the partner to achieve their strategy/projects.
Provide business development services for the partner.
Speaking slots at selected FITSPA organized events.
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