Hello Prospective Member,

We invite you to join the Uganda ICT Association (ICTAU), a body formed to protect and promote the interests of Uganda’s ICT fraternity, with the following specific salient objectives:

  • To develop a compelling brand proposition for Uganda’s ICT sector

  • To spearhead the development of an ICT technology Hub in Uganda, for Ugandans

  • To encourage and nurture the creation and development of lead technology for development software and mobile applications

  • To develop and promote a competitive ICT industry in Uganda

  • To develop, launch and drive a national system of innovation for Uganda

  • To spearhead capital development for ICT entrepreneurs and business owners

  • To develop world class Ugandan ICT institutions

These objectives are clear and beneficial to all Ugandans in general and to the sector as a whole.

The Association is now taking membership additions in order to create a wide level of stakeholder involvement in the stewardship of the ICT sector of Uganda to greater national impact.

We welcome you to visit our website – www.ictau.ug – to read more about ICTAU.

Here’s a link to the different membership tiers for your perusal.

Yours Sincerely,

Simon Kaheru

Chairman Board of Directors